Frequently Asked Questions About Woolite Dry Care Cleaner

FAQ for Woolite
  • What does Woolite® Dry Care do?

Woolite® Dry Care is an easy to use and unique alternative that lets you do your dry cleaning at home. It is designed to save the end user time and money by cleaning most dry clean, special care clothing and difficult to clean household item in the convenience of your dryer. The oil-based sheet works to lift and remove odors and stains from clothing and an assortment of fabrics while the bagless tumbling allows for the release of wrinkles.

  • How does Woolite Dry Care cleaning cloth work in my dryer?

The patented dryer-activated cleaning cloth produces a safe, non-toxic cleaning vapor that gently penetrates clothing fibers to remove odors such as smoke, perspiration and cooking. Garments come out clean and refreshed without shrinking, fading or stretching.

  • What kind of spots will the Woolite Dry Care formula help clean?

The Woolite Dry Care formula is especially effective in cleaning oil-based stains, such as makeup, lipstick, mayonnaise, and salad dressing. Remember to always test for colorfastness before spot cleaning. Set-in or difficult-to-clean stains, such as cuff soil, may require a professional dry cleaner. This product is not meant to replace professional dry cleaning, but it can freshen your garments and take care of less serious spots, saving you time and money.

  •  What types of dryers can I use Woolite Dry Care in?

When used as directed, Woolite Dry Care can be used with all types of dryers, including gas, electric-powered and high-efficiency dryers.

  • When using Woolite Dry Care, what temperature setting do I use on my dryer?

Woolite Dry Care is designed for use with Medium Heat for 20 minutes. If your dryer does not have a Medium or Perma Press setting you can use High Heat for 15 minutes. The Woolite Dry Care cleaning cloth will not work properly using the “Air Fluff” setting. 

  • Can I use the Woolite Dry Care to clean and freshen household items?

We recommend using Woolite Dry Care to clean and freshen small household items like throw blankets, duvet covers, sheers and pillows. Do not overfill your dryer as items must tumble freely to receive the cleaning vapor and to ensure no overfill issues within the dryer.

  • Can I use Woolite Dry Care to clean a comforter?

Woolite Dry Care can be used to freshen and spot treat a comforter provided the care instructions allow for the item to be placed in a dryer and the item does not overfill the dryer. We recommend filling about half of the dryer drum to avoid overfill issues and to ensure free tumbling, which enables the cleaning vapor to penetrate the fabric fibers as it gently cleans and freshens. If the comforter fills more than half of the dryer drum, we advise using a larger commercial size dryer and following the Woolite usage directions, still using one cleaning cloth on Medium heat for 20 minutes. 

  • Can Woolite Dry Care be used to clean down items?

Woolite may be used to clean and freshen down items, provided the item may be placed in the dryer and the cleaning cloth does not come in direct contact with the down feathers. Please ensure the Woolite directions are followed.

  • Are any fabrics not recommended for use with Woolite Dry Care?

This product is not recommended for use on any form of fur, leather, suede or velvet, or flame-resistant clothing such as children’s sleepwear.

  • Is it safe for people and pets to sleep on, wear or chew on an item that has been treated with Woolite Dry Care?

Woolite Dry Care is safe and non-toxic and does not contain the traditional dry cleaning chemical perchloroethylene. However, if symptoms develop or persist, you should seek medical advice from a doctor or poison control expert.

  • My clothing still has oil splotches and rings after using the product. How do I remove them?

The chemical on the cleaning cloth is oil based. Some of the chemical has adhered to the fabric and has not fully evaporated yet. Remove the cleaning cloth and continue drying the item in the dryer on Medium heat for 20 minute intervals until the spot is gone.

  • Will the heat of the dryer shrink my clothes?

The Woolite cleaning formula is oil-based and will not cause any shrinking, fading or stretching of fabrics. The combination of water from washing and the heat of your dryer is what causes some fabrics to shrink. 

  • Is Woolite Dry Care safe?

Woolite Dry Care is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Woolite uses advanced cleaning technology without harsh chemicals and does not contain phosphates, perchloroethylene (perc) or trichloroethylene. Woolite is always gentle and will not shrink, stretch or fade most fabrics including dry clean only, special care clothing, difficult to clean items and small household items. Woolite is also safe for use in any dryer, including gas, electric and HE and will not leave any residue behind.

  • Will Woolite Dry Care leave behind a residue in my dryer?

The Woolite Dry Care cleaning cloth is formulated with an oil based chemical that vaporizes in the heat of the dryer and is released through the dryer exhaust. After the instructed 20 minutes drying time your dryer is ready for everyday usage. Woolite does not leave behind any residue in the dryer drum or on future drying loads.

  • Do I wash my clothing before using Woolite Dry Care?

Woolite Dry Care is designed for safe and gentle dry cleaning in the convenience of your dryer. One to five dry garments are placed in the dryer with one cleaning cloth on medium heat for 20 minutes as the gentle cleaning vapor freshens and cleans.


Q&As above are from the manufacturer's website.